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A house concert is literally a concert in a living room (or any other inside room). It’s a great format where both audience and Artist alike get to experience an intimate concert in a ‘listening room’ setting that is comfortable for all. This is a sit down concert in your home where the audience sits quietly and enjoys a night of songs and stories. Rock Star Impact House Concerts feature either award-winning singer/ songwriter, Brant Menswar or his acclaimed Blues/Soul band, Big Kettle Drum. Their songs have been heard on dozens of television shows while Brant's voice has been described as “gritty and magnificent” by industry titans like Billboard and Sirius/XM Radio.

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Well, it doesn’t get much simpler than this...we’ll do the show in a host’s living room. That’s why they’re called house concerts, right? We have done tiny townhouses to grand estates. We always get creative with regards to seating. Don’t let a “small” space stop you from hosting a show! All shows MUST be indoors. We have done hundreds of shows and have learned what works and what doesn’t. While being outside sounds actually removes the intimacy of the event and negatively impacts everything from the dollars raised to the artist’s attitude.

We are looking for somewhere between 30-50 people to get cozy in a host’s home. We will provide an invitation for you to send out via an online platform called “Eventbrite" containing the relevant concert information: A description of the music, date and time, fundraising information, whether food will be provided, the host’s contact information for reservations and directions. “No-shows” are an all-too-common fact of life, and can be the bane of house concerts. Attrition rates between 40%-60% are common. Knowing that not everyone will be able to attend, it is a good idea to invite twice the amount of people that you want to show. If everyone shows...that is the best challenge to have!​​


House concerts typically consist of one set of music about 70-80 minutes – The Artist arrives 2 hours before the concert to set up equipment and a merchandise table. At the beginning of the show, the host will let people know that “movie theater etiquette” is appropriate, cellphones should be silenced to avoid any unwelcome interruptions and to enjoy the night.

We help organizations raise funds through these house concerts by becoming subject matter experts regarding the organization and weaving compelling stories to encourage people to give throughout the night. We have successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organizations we work with.



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